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Postal Service Center

Well, the building remains unchanged, but the mail has increased. At first, we only bought the Charleston and Gassaway areas in Charleston and the last one. I will say seven years, and now we are not only dealing with their mail.

We’re dealing with Ashland and Pikieville Kentucky, Bluefield West, Buco West and Bluth of Virginia and Grundy Tazewell, where we’re heading north toward Clarksburg and Parkersburg, which are expected to handle more than 140 million. From now on, until Christmas, this is the busiest two day of the year. This year, there is a change every year. If Monday, December 14th, December 21st, which apostle? We will actually deal with the system itself, which will increase 2 million people nationwide.

Now, the average daily packing is almost doubled during Christmas, and we will protect it. This year increased by only 10.5% compared with last year, and this trend has shown more than 20%, 24%24 to 26 years old. But parcel service, this is our market. Now, if you know, just reduce your confidence in buying Amazon Prime, which is where Tim Hawkinson Mayo is now.

So yes, we have fewer letters, like rolls and postcards sometimes what our Christmas express mail is. If we especially like it, if it looks like a Christmas present, we’ll try to go out and take it home.