Proof Receipt and Tracking Number for U.S. of Postal Experience

Hi, Kanako Amy is here. This is the truth video that I sent the parcel. So today is the ninth, no city or state.

So don’t worry. So this is the alternative packaging of X sugar fructose. Do you know who you are? I wouldn’t say it because it’s just candy. I didn’t add tracking. This is for someone. So if this is your zip code, this is your tracking number, and this is the tracking number, it’s confusing.

So, this is the parcel, I want to send it back. Once, please send me the items you receive. Another item in the mix. Sorry about that. This is your tracking, for this person, your zip code, this is your tracking number, and then this is international. In Britain, there is no tracking number, but this is custom digits without tracking numbers. Sorry, you can’t track it.

So this is for Britain, which is Singapore and yes. So, I have to stand in one to two international, three, four, five, six packages. So any other questions, please in the afternoon. Thank you for watching.